Aquarius has amassed immense experience in doing Adventure sports and
outdoor program for Corporate Outbound Training as well as for Recreation. The following are the options we offer to pass on as value additions to the corporate, conference and group clientele in order to make their experience far more memorable.


We propose a sequence of adventure sports, recreational sports, back to childhood games, initiatives and low elements activities to our resort which will surely get the best out of each guest and make it a memorable experience. Interactive and exciting activities will give them an opportunities to perform various adventure activities which they have only seen on TV or rarely done. Which will add a lots of value and excitement to the day.

  •   Team building activities, interactive games & simulations
  •   Adventure based off sites & camping trips
  •   Corporate social & environmental responsibilities
  •   Exclusive tenting & camping experience in mountain

What Our Outbounds

“ Aquarius has amassed immense experience in doing Adventure sports and
outdoor programs"

Corporate Outbound

  • Outbound Training Programmes
  • Team Building & Group Games
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Offsite Management
  • Seminars
  • Cultural Activities & Theme Events at offsite
  • Facilitation & Debriefing

School / College Camping & Trekking

  • School / College Picnics
  • Annual Camps
  • Educational Trips

Adventure Sports

  • Rope Course Adventure Activities
  • Land Base Adventure Activities
  • Outbound Training

Camping & Trekking

  • Adventure Sports
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Jungle Camping
  • Lakeside Camping
  • Beach Camping
  • Floating Tent Camping
  • Winter Camping

Prepare To Be Amazed When you Travel with Us

All our trips can be fully customized to your requirements and liking.

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