Safety becomes our top most priority...
        Safety has been the overriding concern in all the practical exercises.    

Safety Precaution

Safety Measures

Being an Outbound & Adventure Sports company based in Mumbai, Safety becomes our top most priority. Safety has been the overriding concern in all the practical exercises. This is particularly true in the corporate outbound / outdoor / adventure program, where the potential for danger is often higher. Even when the tasks are relatively innocuous, there is always some risk. People can do or attempt to do strange things under the pressure of an outbound / outdoor learning event.

There are a vast number of adventure sports activities being conducted in the country. In order to ensure safety of participants in such activities the need had been felt to lay down the minimum acceptable standards in terms of equipment and human resources.

The importance of quality instructors and equipment

For all outdoor development programs, the importance of quality instructors and equipment is most critical. Aquarius Peak Adventure Outbound & Adventure Sports prides itself in its technical skills and expertise in which we make no compromise. Our technical team is a set of highly skilled & certified mountaineers with knowledge and experience in adventure

The importance of safe and good quality equipment and gear cannot be undermined in any outdoor adventure program. For this reason, we maintain our own equipment like specialized static and dynamic ropes, harnesses, carabineers, ascenders, descenders, life jackets, helmets, mittens, etc. All equipment purchased and used follows international safety standards in terms of quality & usage. The equipment is carefully chosen and tested by our outdoor experts before it is approved for use in the field thereby ensuring total safety. Our suppliers have a service track record of more than 20 years and are ISO 9001 certified.


You may therefore find some of our safety guidelines pedantic or petty. We make no apologies towards it rather we would point to our successful safety record. In the final analysis, Adventure / Outbound are a medium for management & personal development, not for generating danger, fear or excitement.


1. Operator must have access to safe and open take off points in case of hill launches. The take off point should be free from obstructions in the take off path nd     should not have rock or crops which could injure the participant. Cliff take off points must strictly not to be used.

2. The operator must have free and clear access to a designated landing ground free of obstructions such as tall trees, buildings, electric wires etc.

3. First aid must be available at site with Qualified First aid Instructors ( having additional knowledge of related accidents) with arrangements with a nearby     hospital for quick emergency services.

4. Wind conditions should be strictly monitored and the activity must be done within the weather conditions stipulated by the equipment manufacturer.

5. Equipment And Accessories. Paragliding wings must have APCUL, DHV or CEN certification. Such certification should be stitched on the wing and visible for     inspection. Harness should be with back protection and harness must be fitted with round type certified rescue parachute.

6. Helmets and Ankle shoes must be compulsory.

7. Proper log books must be maintained for all equipment.

8. Annual inspection and certification of equipment for Airworthiness must be carried out.