"Safety becomes our top most priority. Safety has been the overriding concern in all the practical exercises."

Safety Precautions

  • Safety Equipment used is UIAA approved and is tested for breaking strength.
  • Safety systems are pre-checked and created for activities where risk of fall exceeds the minimum height standard.
  • Aquarius classifies its corporate services from high intensity to low intensity and we follow internal grading system to design the outdoor format. This is to ensure that we do not offer one-size-fits-all strategy.
  • Our technical team and field leaders are trained to understand the group and make on-field improvisations which are usually safety calls.
  • Over the years, we have learnt that even a slight communication gap between the sales team, operation team and the client can result in poor preparedness for an outdoor programme which can result in safety hiccup. Aquarius practices unilateral communication process and improved methodology to strive at quality and high safety standards.
  • Our technical team consists of qualified instructors. Our instructors need to undergo mountaineering courses from premier institutions like Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institution or Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Also, we follow internal protocol for leaving the least to chance.


“You may therefore find some of our safety guidelines pedantic or petty. We make no apologies towards it rather we would point to our
successful safety record. In the final analysis, Adventure / Outbound are a medium for management
& personal development, not for generating danger, fear or excitement."


  • Operator must have access to safe and open take off points in case of hill launches. The take off point should be free from obstructions in the take off path and should not have rock or crops which could injure the participant. Cliff take off points must strictly not to be used.
  • Wind conditions should be strictly monitored and the activity must be done within the weather conditions stipulated by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Equipment And Accessories. Paragliding wings must have APCUL, DHV or CEN certification. Such certification should be stitched on the wing and visible for inspection. Harness should be with back protection and harness must be fitted with round type certified rescue parachute.
  • Helmets and Ankle shoes must be compulsory.
  • Proper log books must be maintained for all equipment.
  • Annual inspection and certification of equipment for Airworthiness must be carried out.

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