Adventure Sports

    Adventure Sports are known to teach people self-reliance and teamwork
         These elements can result in better health, Improved self-esteem and increased confidence...    

Adventure Program

At Aquarius Peak Adventure, you get an extensive variety of gathering exercises, shared rushes, team building and unwinding in nature, all in the midst of an amazing district and an uncommonly planned guesthouse as a base camp.

Adventure Sports refers to activities like Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, River Rafting or Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Base Jumping, the list goes on and on. What these endeavours have in common is a degree of risk, uncertainty and self-discovery. Today, Adventure Sports are known to teach people Self-reliance, Teamwork and to leave their comfort zone. These elements can result in better health, Improved self-esteem and increased confidence that translates into all aspects of one's life.

Things being what they are, in case you're a corporate gathering needing to de-stretch your group from consistent workload? Or, on the other hand a school gather who've come to instruct their youngsters about open air survival? Or, on the other hand a family who need to spend their end of the week, getting a charge out of the magnificence of nature? At that point Aquarius Peak Adventures is only for you.

Our multi movement programs and adaptable hours for various gatherings guarantee you settle in vain shy of a delight filled end of the week.



Flying Fox / Zip –Line

River Crossing / River Rafting

Rock Climbing

Banana Ride

Free Fall


Zorbing Ball

Paint Ball

Rifle Shooting


Ladder Climbing

Net Climbing

Para Gliding

Burma Bridge

Commando Bridge


Scuba Diving


Raft Building



Rappelling is an adventure activity that involves coming down a rock face/ artificial climbing wall with the help of ropes and equipment. This activity is conducted under strict supervision of our qualified outdoors instructors.

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. It is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

Aquarius Peak Adventures offers rappelling and rock climbing opportunities on natural rock faces and artificial climbing walls at its campsites.

"River Rafting"

Rafting, the high-adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft, involves several levels of difficulty, depending on how choppy the river is. These ‘grades’ of difficulty are arrived at according to the presence of rapids, which evolve due to sudden plunges in the river’s height, and also because of rocks – small or large – that may be lurking in the waters.

Rafting is a challenging but tremendously fun activity – just remember to keep the instructor’s safety tips in mind! White-water (rapids) does invoke fear but river-running done properly – under professional guidance, with the right training, using the appropriate equipment, taking all safety precautions, and by following a set of international safety and ecological norms – can be an extremely safe, enjoyable and exciting soft-adventure sport.

"Zorbing Ball"

Zorb Ball is intended for the individuals who are trying to get energy. It is sheltered and a good time for moving downhill inside a circle which by and large made of straightforward plastic. The zorb is twofold separated which has one ball inside the other with an air layer between. In short Zorb encounters is a fascination in experience the fun more than startling.

As an expert maker of ZORB we can create a wide range of Zorb Ball as per your solicitations, for example, Clear Zorb Ball,Colour Zorb Ball,Colour Dot Zorb Ball, Glow Zorb Ball,Nuclear Globe,Soccer Zorb Ball,Body Zorbing Ball.

"Scuba Diving"

Scuba Diving is a mode of underwater diving in which the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. A scuba diver primarily moves underwater by using fins attached to the feet.

Aquarius Peak Adventure
"Commando Bridge"

A Commando Bridge is the most straightforward type of scaffold for going between two focuses. This extension is made of two ropes one for strolling on and second for hand-railing.

The Commando Bridge is very testing as one requires gigantic boldness, fixation and exactness to stroll on just a rope with help of a supporting rope. Adjust is critical and your understanding is vital while strolling on just a rope with help of another. You will have the essential direction by an expert. Stroll on this 10-feet commando scaffold and feel like a genuine commando!


Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. As a sport, archery requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. It is available to be practised by all, no matter age, gender or ability, and is a widespread pastime in both developed and developing countries.

Archery is often in the public eye, both as an important sport on the Olympic Programme, and thanks to popular culture.

"Parasailing "

There are so many fun beach activities you can take part in during your vacation in Goa and one of them is parasailing. To satisfy the adventure junkie in you, it doesn’t get grander than parasailing in Goa. While being suspended high up the air, one gets to enjoy the majestic view of the sea and the stunning beach landscapes.

which in turn is pulled by a speed boat. It is easy as it requires no special skills to enjoy this type of beach activity.Parasailing in Goa is very safe because here at Atlantis Water Sports, we double-check every equipment including our parasail-wings before our customers use it. All you have to do is have fun gliding over the sea and enjoy this amazing experience.