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Aquarius Peak Adventure is a specialized Adventure and Outbound Training Company in India. We offer our clients the most safe and reliable methods of corporate outbound training and camping for school-going children. Additionally, we also provide technical support for all adventure sports and team building activities.

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At Aquarius Peak Adventure, we believe that life can indeed be a crazy ride, and we take it quite literally. Nothing beats the freshness and vitality of nature and hence, the outdoors set an apt foundation for experiential learning. Outbound training programs require participants to put their efforts for best results. The endearing, yet commanding nature of the outdoors strengthens people to use their communicative and reasoning skills in order to confront their fears and overcome through it. It is in the outdoors that true understanding and real learning take place.

Our focus is to get people away from the ruckus of cities and give them an escape route from urban stresses, allowing them to revel in the splendor of nature and learn from the numerous success and failures of a challenging adventure.


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All our trips can be fully customized to your requirements and liking.

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